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Kampot Pepper


In January, the ripe bunches of green Kampot pepper are harvested, seeded, hand washed, and sun dried for 2 to 3 days. Kampot black pepper has a strong flavor, and delivers an intense and delicate aroma. It gives a fruity scent, with hints of eucalyptus and fresh mint. Black Kampot pepper brings a unique freshness, and it’s lingering taste is unrivaled among other peppers. This pepper compliments grilled meats and fish perfectly, and should be milled freshly on salads and pasta.


Red Kampot pepper is the region’s flagship product. At the height of the dry season, the peppercorns ripen and transition from yellow to red. They’re then harvested by hand, washed, and sun-dried. Larger than black pepper, red Kampot pepper combines the spicy, mature flavor of black pepper with a fruity sweetness. Freshly ground red Kampot pepper will enhance the flavor of salads, pastas, game meat, and desserts. Ice cream with strawberries and freshly milled red Kampot pepper is a sure winner.


The Kampot region is one of few to produce white pepper. Both white and red kampot pepper are rare, due to the difficulty in harvesting fully mature pepper. White Kampot pepper is produced by soaking the red Kampot pepper’s berries in water for a few days, removing its outer coat. White Kampot pepper develops an intensely clean and peppery aroma, carrying notes of fresh grass and lime. It’s taste is complimenting when sprinkled on salads, fish, and vegetable dishes.


Green Kampot pepper Kampot Green pepper is harvested when still young on the vine. During September, the bunches of pepper start to develop. They grow in size for 3-4 months before starting to mature in January. The peppercorns have an intense green colour and the fresh green pepper is picked young and mostly sold on the local market.

The green peppercorns develop fruity aromas without being too spicy. Green Kampot pepper is exceptional with seafood and grilled meat

Kampot pepper is best purchased as whole peppercorns, to keep its fresh aroma and heat. The taste is far more superior to already ground pepper, and better retains its flavor.